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 psychogenic pain syndromes

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PostSubject: psychogenic pain syndromes   psychogenic pain syndromes Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 5:09 pm

Secondary psychogenic pain caused by long-term ongoing sore syndrome skeletno-myshechnoy nature, sometimes clinically introducing combination notes, mimic, propulsion and ritual action, highlighting the presence of pain - that is, bolevoe behavior. And these patients may attend Moderate myshechno-tonichesky, miofastsialny syndrome, while leaders trevozhno-depressivn e disorders. The clinical picture for 6 months. and the availability of timely psihogennogo factor in the absence of mental illness may be treated as psychogenic pain. It is important to recognize the difference between the intensity of the suffering and organic defect. There is a set of features for patients with sore behaviour suffering pain in the lumbar spine division : pain in the lumbar spine in the department of axial load; Pain in the lumbar division with "steam" rotation (rotation of the pelvis with lower limb in standing); Pain in the removal of skin (light tweak) on the back; arbitrary resistance lift straight leg, decreasing to divert attention patient; sensory violations zone does not conform to a traditional pattern [8]. Complications of treatment has been compounded by the fact that these patients usually have more than one course of a drug, chiropractic and physiotherapy. In these cases, an attempt should be made to the multiplier effect; Using pharmacological and psychotherapeutic technique. The pharmacists are basic Tricyclic antidepressants and neyroleptiki. To date, the application of reasonably moderate therapeutic doses amitriptilina. Of the other tricyclic antidepressants can recommend fluoxetin, mianserin, clomipramine, etc. Terapiyu neyroleptikami (drugs-derivative fenotiazina and tioksantena) start with small doses and typically combine reception tricyclic antidepressants, although the scheme alone. A special place in the treatment of psychogenic pain syndromes is psychotherapy. The preferred tactic is a complex treatment on the basis of the divisions, with the possibility of residential and outpatient observation, as well as the development of patients relapse prevention, pain and self According to the study, published on Monday, the more children watch television, the less they eat fruits and vegetables, possibly because of publicity vysokokaloriynoy, but little food. With each additional hour of TV children who participated in the study ate fewer and fewer servings of fruits and vegetables. The increased use of little food, declining physical activity and obesity among children tied with heavy television viewing. But that was only the first study to demonstrate that television leads to a reduction in the use of valuable fruits and vegetables, said the report, published in the journal Pediatrics.
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psychogenic pain syndromes
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