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 estrogen protects

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PostSubject: estrogen protects   estrogen protects Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:16 pm

Over the past 15 years, despite the indiscriminate (as to many Americans and Europeans) fascination with Australian sport, the number of adults suffering from obesity has increased by 2 times, and children have been the thickest more than 3 times. Australian doctors raise the alarm : obesity threatens the health of the nation. Teach ways to combat this scourge. Among the extravagant proposals : the sharp decline in television advertising of foods. Recently, Britain horonila korolevu-mat. Queen for almost half his life, was a widow-her husband George VI, died from cancer in 1952 at the age of 56 years. Not every woman reach 101 years of the late queen, but the fact that she lived twice as long as her husband, shows that women live longer ... Girls poyavivishiesya to light today, given the current state of medicine may safely count on 80 years of living, about 5 years longer than boys the same age. The main risks involved men : cancer, heart disease and HIV. They are twice as likely as women caught in the accident and three times more frequently commit suicide. So, why such an "injustice"? "Injustice" provided by nature-women have "inherent genetic advantage" to the men on the life expectancy. At the outset of advantage not very high, only 2 years. Female sex hormone estrogen protects women against coronary insufficiency, and plays a role in preventing Alzheimer's disease. This advantage is lost during menopause, when hormone formulation is slowing. But women do not die, but continue to live as if nothing happened. The Danish and Norwegian scientists believe that the secret of longevity in the women's ... hromosomah. Men inherit H-hromosomu Y-hromosomu mother and the father of the women "take" from each parent only syndrome. That is to say, men have only one set of "key genetic material" - the one inherited from the mother. Women also have two lines is that there are a good selection from which to choose.
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estrogen protects
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