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 parent instinct compels

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PostSubject: parent instinct compels   parent instinct compels Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:17 pm

Despite the fact that women in old called "weak sex", they are far more vigorously resist infection. Doctors suggest that this is because the female body produces more white blood cells. And the ability of women to remain throughout life is the number of white blood cells in the blood of older women is significantly higher than that of their peers opposite sex. Incidentally, in the days when the late King was born, the average life expectancy for men and women was nearly equal. In the early 20th century many women died ... during childbirth. In those times, women are often delivered at home, afraid to tackle in the hospital infection. Notions of sterilization were very meagre, and Caesarean section if done, it was at great risk and often short on fatal. Since then, much has changed. Statistically, if 100 years ago during childbirth in Britain lost more than 3000 women each year, it is now no more than 50. Medical advances had made it into the hands of women "further says," but not all in this life depends on the doctors. Women tend to be in much better shape than men - they are more attentive to their health and try not to "run" bolyachki. The parent instinct compels women to closely monitor the health of loved ones and ... for their own (because who would take care of the household, if it falls). Similarly, it worked for the recognition of the first symptoms of various diseases (from rubella and whooping cough ending). Men can go for years and not see the obvious things until ... it is too late. Now manhood gormone testosterone. This insidious hormone "responsible" for male behavior. It testosterone cast "Men risk. They are much more likely (and more) drink, smoke and use drugs. They are much "riskier" drive a car, less likely to use creams to protect against the sun (which is known to reduce the likelihood of skin cancer). Another problem is obesity. Ask that it is a woman's problem? However, obesity observed in 2 / 3 of men, while only half of women suffer from this affliction.
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parent instinct compels
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