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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

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 less prone to strokes

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less prone to strokes Empty
PostSubject: less prone to strokes   less prone to strokes Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:17 pm

The reason for this is that women want to feel attractive, and it encourages them to enjoy sport and sit on formulas. In addition, women are much more likely men to "community of interest" : for example, yoga or a joint visit with friends basin. But do not want to believe that the situation is desperate for a strong sex. But it is always worth remembering that :-the continued presence of cigarettes you in the mouth, takes approximately 10 years of life. - Try not to use the elevator, and possibly more often walk on foot. Even minute walk will help you avoid falling into dubious list of "high risk groups" for a part of cardiovascular disease. - marry. If women marriage shortens life, the men and vice versa. Married men live longer and less prone to strokes. A new protein involved in the metabolism of fats and sugars, can serve as another target in the fight against obesity. Mice deprived of the ability to make this protein can consume a lot of high energy intake and maintain our slender. Thus, if the scientists were able to block the work of this protein in the human body, it would greatly add to our hopes of victory in the war against excessive fat. The new gene called PTP1B encode tirozin-fosfatazu 1B, potentially associated with obesity. Currently, many small biotechnology companies and international corporations working to develop drugs to regulate the activities of such enzymes. Now, just in America, 60% of the population suffers from excess body weight, so that the potential market for such products simply enormous. PTP1B involved in the insulin, as well as hormone leptina, sekretiruemogo VIP boxes and associated with the emergence of obesity.
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less prone to strokes
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