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 faces objections

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PostSubject: faces objections   faces objections Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:18 pm

Strictly speaking, the drugs are designed to treat diseases, but not for the health. However, it has long been known that full healthy diet significantly reduces the risk of most metabolic diseases and can keep for many years excellent health. The conclusions made by scientists in different countries clearly indicate that the modern "civilized" food itself is not able to provide all the necessary rights micronutrients, and the attempt to do this by increasing the amount of food to nothing but obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many other diseases. Pronounced violations Nutrition our contemporaries on the one hand and type of academic European medicine on the other led to the emergence of biologically active additives to food. In this situation the role BAD hardly be overestimated. First nearest food group BAD-nutritsevtiki (NAK. Nutrition-food). BAS this group include vitamins, minerals, fiber food, essentsialnye cures, fatty acids, etc. Nutritsevtiki a quick, easy and eliminate the deficit essential micronutrient, thereby eliminating pathogenic imbalance of power. The prevention of such an approach is etiologically justified because the only true. Fair to say that the concept is accepted and no one faces objections. Thus, in an apparent avitaminoze any doctor in a major drug did not hesitate to designate the necessary vitamins and enteropaticheskom akrodermatite-zinc, and the blubber gepatoze - metionin. However, when it comes to preventive admission of the same compounds, especially in adequate doses, there is a divergence among professionals. However, modern medicine has accumulated a huge amount of evidence that the BAD, including and opened, should be an integral part not only prevention, but also treatment of chronic diseases. The fact is that any pathological process, even if it was not directly related to micronutrient deficiency, accompanied by a heavy load on antioksidantnuyu, detoksikatsionnuyu, immune and other systems of the body, the hard work required by the mandatory presence of essential micronutrient and mild versatile regulation of physiological processes, and which are BAD.
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faces objections
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