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 epidemiological studies

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PostSubject: epidemiological studies   epidemiological studies Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:20 pm

The latter form most frequently, according to some sources close to 80-85% of all cases of cerebral stroke. The main causes of stroke ishemicheskogo (II) are arteriosclerosis, and more aterotromboz main arteries or penetriruyuschih arteries in the brain (lakunarny stroke) and tromboemboliya having origins as kardiogennaya (tromboticheskie masses of the cavities and heart valves) and arterial (brahiotsefalny pool and bow lakes), which can be embolom ateroskleroticheskoy different fragments (Fig. 1). This array of reasons Development II, of course, drew attention to ateroskleroticheskomu defeat receptacles, as a major factor in cerebrovascular pathology. Potential mechanisms for the development of stroke ishemicheskogo Cholesterol and the risk of stroke Obschnost some of the key risk factors (hypertension, age, smoking, diabetes, obesity) stresses the importance in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis stroke. In particular, there is no doubt that lowering the systolic or diastolic AD reduces the risk of stroke, both to the middle-aged or older. But mainly reduced the frequency of haemorrhagic stroke, and to a lesser extent II. Thus, among other risk factors unfavourable Predictive value AG for the development of stroke, particularly haemorrhagic, great. At the same time, the relationship between giperholesterinemiey and risk of ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke less proven, and epidemiological studies on the issue have been mixed. The largest meta-analysis of 45 prospective cohort surveys, which occurred 13000 strokes, not revealed reliable prediktivnoy significance of plasma cholesterol levels in the development of cerebral circulation (Fig. 2). However, the meta-analysis and a few other large epidemiological studies have found a significant pattern : some studies have found a positive correlation between plasma levels of total cholesterol and the risk of negative II risk haemorrhagic stroke
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epidemiological studies
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