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 personality disorders

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PostSubject: personality disorders   personality disorders Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 5:10 pm

As reported in a record British Medical Association (BMA), in the modern generation of adolescents will be more than ever in the history meet obesity and infertility, transmits website newspaper Daily Telegraph. A sort of time-bomb that will explode when нож they mature, scholars as overeating, alcohol, smoking and drug addiction. In the group of 16 to 19 years 10% of girls suffering from venereal diseases, a quarter of illustrations and old adolescent smoking, a fifth are overweight. 11% of teenagers aged between 11 and 15 had used drugs during the month prior to the study. In addition, as pointed out by the BMA, the contemporary young age numerous personality disorders. According to the experts, poor health due to the fact that they fall into a gap between social and medical services for children and adults. "It would not make the same old teenager consult about sexually transmitted diseases to their family doctor," commented Viviane Netanson (Vivienne Nathanson), the lead department ethics BMA. The BMA should not only establish a special services targeted at teenagers, but also legally complicate the access of the next generation of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. U.S. Senate on Tuesday passed a bill defining the responses to the epidemic of obesity in the country, reports Reuters.
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personality disorders
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