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 variety of dysfunctions

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PostSubject: variety of dysfunctions   variety of dysfunctions Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:22 pm

Thus, the appointment of statins for the prevention of stroke is shown only to people with the average age of IBS in history. Currently, the two major prospective studies SPARCL PROSPER, and examines the impact of active gipolipidemicheskoy therapy for repeated cerebrovascular complications among people with IBS who have given prior stroke or tranzitornoe violation of cerebral circulation. Violations of cerebral circulation, causing disruption to power supplies and oxygen parts of the brain, leading to the development of focal neurological symptoms : a breach of movement, speech, sight and memory, etc. The persistence of the focal neurological symptoms of cerebral circulation conditionally divided into stroke (acute human cerebral circulation) and the passing of cerebral circulation (abroad often use the term "tranzitornye ischemic attack). If violations of movements, speech, or of being restored within 24 h, then such violations of cerebral circulation is assigned to a fleeting unless disorders that have lasted for more than 24 hours (and can be restored) by insultu. Fig. Figure 1 Types of stroke. 2 Scheme treat stroke Epidemiology stroke each year in highly developed countries among every 10,000 population is 25 -- 30 cases of stroke. Of the 100 stroke patients 35-40 people killed in the first 3-4 weeks. The economic impact of the stroke in the United States amount to about 30 billion. per annum. As Russia is over 400 thousand strokes that number equals that of the average regional cities. Among the survivors, most experience a variety of dysfunctions : by the end of the acute period, almost 80% of patients with motor disorders (usually parezy varying degrees of gravity), more than one third of patients - speech violations. Types stroke on the development, three kinds of stroke : ischemic * (synonyms : heart disease, brain softening), as a result of blockage of cerebral dish, or for some other reason is an acute shortage of blood supply (ischaemia), a certain portion of the brain; * Bloody (synonyms : a brain haemorrhage, vnutrimozgovaya bruise) when the brain from a ruptured vessel in the brain of blood after another, disrupting the normal blood brain tissue; * arachnoidal haemorrhage-bleeding in the brain podpautinnoe space. The ischaemic stroke average accounts for 80% of all strokes, to share vnutrimozgovyh haemorrhaging 17%, the share subarahnoidalnyh haemorrhage-3%
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variety of dysfunctions
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