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 combat dehydration

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PostSubject: combat dehydration   combat dehydration Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:25 pm

Lakunarny kardioembolichesky heart attack and stroke, on the other hand, develops afternoon against a backdrop of physical and emotional strain. Major symptoms ishemicheskogo stroke. The stroke may occur not only ochagovye neurological symptoms (human movements, speech, visual, etc.), but also obschemozgovaya symptoms in the form of human consciousness, headache, vomiting. If the nature and severity of symptoms depend on the swarming location hotbed defeat to the functionally important areas of the brain (dvigatelnomu center, speech or books Centre), the obschemozgovaya symptoms depends to a large extent on the size of the home defeat and the accompanying brain oedema. In most cases ishemicheskogo obschemozgovaya stroke symptoms was not sharp. Treatment ishemicheskogo stroke. The patient in any type of stroke should be immediately hospitalized in a hospital. It is desirable that this was a hospital with modern methods of the survey : a CT scan (and / or magnitno-rezonansnuyu CT scan), angiografiyu, neurosurgery division (or group of neurosurgeons) and the intensive care unit. In the emergency ward of hospitalized patients in violation of consciousness, vital signs (especially respiratory function). The remaining patients hospitalized for neurological, or rather a specialized angionevrologicheskoe office with the intensive care unit. Among immediate measures for patients with ishemicheskim stroke, and for patients with brain haemorrhage, include : restoration of respiration (installation of ducts, and, if necessary, artificial ventilation); With seizures attacks, often encountered in patients with severe stroke, intravenous diazepam (relaniuma, seduksena) with repeated convulsions and development epistatusa - tiopentala sodium. Blood pressure in ishemicheskom stroke lower only when it exceeds 180-190 mm Hg. Art. (sistolicheskoe) and 110 mm mercury. Art. (diastolicheskoe). Pressure to reduce very carefully at 15-20% of the original value because of its sharp decline could exacerbate ishemiyu brain. Broad arrangements for all types of stroke include : maintenance of the normal level, respiration and heart activity, blood pressure control, the introduction nazogastralnogo probe for violations glotaniya, combat dehydration, control of bowel and bladder care of the skin to prevent faeces. But may be needed and special events where ishemicheskogo and haemorrhagic stroke.
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combat dehydration
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