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 combat the swelling

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PostSubject: combat the swelling   combat the swelling Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:26 pm

Regardless of the timing of the delivery of a patient with stroke ishemicheskim (primarily aterotromboticheskim and kardioembolicheskim), he appointed gemokorrektsiya : antiagreganty (aspirin 100 mg / day or tiklid or dipiridamol (kurantil), and / or combined. Gemokorrektsiya, unlike tromboliticheskoy therapy is not intended for blood clot lysis, its task is to prevent repeat strokes, increase blood clot, clogging of veins of lower limbs and pulmonary embolism. The anti-direct effect on acute stroke ishemicheskogo period (except lakunarnogo heart attack) recommended low heparin (fraksiparin of 7,5 thousand units. 2 times a day for the first few days, under the control of blood coagulability). In the future, patients, Trauma kardioembolichesky and aterotrombotichesky stroke appointed combined indirect actions : fenilin or sinkumar or warfarin controlled protrombina blood. Patients with severe and middle stroke a gemodilyutsiya to increase cerebral white rock properties and improve blood. The low dekstrany : reopoliglyukin, reomakrodeks. Reopoliglyukin introduced drip intravenously in the first few (no more than seven days). Of vazoaktivnyh drugs ostreyshem period stroke applies trental (intravenous drip), eufillin (2,4% 10,0 intravenously), kavinton. The effectiveness of acute stroke period such popular vazoaktivnyh means as tsinnarizin, papaverin, nikotinovaya acid ksantinol / nikotinat many researchers denied. One of the serious complications of a brain haemorrhage, and a major heart attack brain is swelling of the brain and increasing intracranial hypertension. Of medication to combat the swelling of the brain used osmodiuretiki : mannitol, which introduced intravenously for 20 minutes. in the dose of 0,5-1,0 g / kg of body weight, then upolovinennoy dose every 4-5 days depending on the level of osmolyarnosti and kidney function; glycerol in the same dose as mannitol, mouth (you can juice), every 4-5 hours the first 3-4 days. is effectively to combat the swelling of the brain giperventilyatsiya. In infarct pair, accompanied by a growing oedema, threatening sdavleniem brain stem (where the vital points of breathing and blood circulation), has dekompressivnaya trepanatsiya rear head height. It should be noted, that popular at the time corticosteroids to reduce brain oedema in stroke does not currently apply. haemorrhagic stroke main reason vnutrimozgovyh haemorrhaging is HBP. Among other reasons, it should be noted gap arterial meshotchatoy anevrizmy or arteriovenoznoy foetal. In developed countries in the active combat arterial hypertension in nationally there has been a steady decline in cases of haemorrhagic stroke.
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combat the swelling
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