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 normal temperature

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PostSubject: normal temperature   normal temperature Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:28 pm

Obesity has a significant impact on the quality of semen, and in response to an increase in body mass index defects becomes more and more. These findings raise the question of whether to take over the treatment of infertility in men with obesity, if they do not agree lose. "We urge full of men reduce their body mass index," said Dr. Rudebush, adding that if the weight exceeds seriously, the treatment of infertility may simply not work. "If you pay for it out of their own pocket, you can simply spend money in vain," stressed scientist. The scientists from Atlanta plan to examine those men who suffer from obesity, and lost, to find out whether the improved quality of their sperm. How obesity affects the sperm, scientists remains to be seen. At this point, they have several working theories. The quality and quantity of sperm may affect distorted as a result of obesity hormonal balance. Another theory is based on the fact that, because of fat deposits in the groin is greatly enhanced temperature testes, and it affects the characteristics of semen. "Yaichki located on the outer surface of the body, and the normal temperature should not exceed 37 degrees Celsius," explains Ruderbush. If fat deposits in the groin increases, the temperature rises in this area, which had a negative impact on the maturation of sperm. " According to a study conducted in France, the rate of successful pregnancy after artificial insemination of women suffering from obesity was 24.7%, while among women of normal weight-35,4%. According to the Italian artificial insemination in Alabama, the birth of children living after artificial insemination of women with Body Mass Index to 27 (normal weight) of 44,7% per implantation of the embryo, while women with mass index above 27, it drops to 27%.
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normal temperature
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