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 symptoms that may occur

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symptoms that may occur Empty
PostSubject: symptoms that may occur   symptoms that may occur Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:30 pm

These tests are unique because CAGE test correctly identifies up to 98% patsientov-alkogolikov are registered in CDM dispensaries and test AUDIT-100% of the patients. In addition to the text proposed CAGE developed by Russian scientists test postintoksikatsionnog of fetal alcohol syndrome (PAS), which includes the 35 symptoms that may occur on the day following the alcohol ΣQ. The presence of many (more than 10-15) signs PAS is highly likely prolonged and regular use of alcohol in unhealthy doses. Signs of alcohol can be detected when fizikalnom survey. Described the following physical signs of HAI-obesity, lack of weight-tranzitornaya arterial hypertension, tremor, polyneuropathy, muscle atrophy, rash, ginekomastiya increase glands salivary glands, oblozhenny Language, a tattoo, contracture Dyupyuitrena, ORIONE plethora conjunctiva, hyperemia of the expansion of the skin capillaries, gepatomegaliya, teleangiektazii, erythema fingers, the injuries, burns, fractures, otmorozheny. One, at least at the same time two or three trait can be detected with nondrinkers or malopyuschih people and not patognomonichnymi symptoms of alcohol disease, the same combination of several of them (six or more) usually presents in favor of regular alcohol consumption. It is worth noting that a more precise determination of alcohol may in a comprehensive survey covering the above laboratory, screening and fizikalnye study, and suggests that the majority of authors. So far, fractures of sradayuschih alcoholism usually attributed more frequent injuries due to intoxication, but in recent years the clear violation of homeostasis Sa with chronic alcoholism that predisposes bone tissue in damage. Osteoporosis often develops in people suffering from alcoholism. Currently conclusively proven that increase the risk of fractures reliably due to the lower bone mineral density (IPC). Reducing the IPC to one standard deviation from the norm (10-14%) compared to the corresponding figure for women before menopause leads to a doubling of risk for fractures.
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symptoms that may occur
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