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 cellular immunodeficiency

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PostSubject: cellular immunodeficiency   cellular immunodeficiency Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:54 pm

The experiments demonstrated that the introduction of the diet of rats ethanol reliably reduced IPC and complicated processes course and treatment of fractures in his lower limbs [27, 30, 33]. Pronounced changes in the bone tissue in PNCH from chronic alcoholics arise from the 2 stage, as evidenced by the ultrasound osteometrii [19, 25]. The persons abusing alcohol, found changes in the immune system which have an impact on the sh processes [2, 15]. Upon arrival at the clinic of the PNCH abusing alcohol, revealed leucocytosis, giperimmunoglobuline Oh A decline in the number of "active" T-limfotsitov, V-limfotsitov and concentration of IgG, lysozyme. After 7-8 days after the start of treatment remained leucocytosis, heating up the IgG and P-3 komplementa, nearly 2 times decreased content of air and "active" T-limfotsitov, at the time of issuance and hospital patients remained high number of cells, lymphocytes and low content of lysozyme, identify weak trend for the restoration of T, while V-limfotsitov decreased, and the concentration of IgA, IgM and IgG escalated [21]. The decline in V-limfotsitov PNCH also indicate [19, 25]. Number NK-kletok during bone healing wounds, on the contrary, increased compared with that of those who did not abuse alcohol. In chronic alcoholism healing the wounds of the lower jaw bone has taken place against a background of cellular immunodeficiency, at the same time, reduces the number of Th- and Ts-kletok, their relationship has also begun to decline somewhat. The data on gumoralnogo immunity is not marred by significant violations, as evidenced by the definition of P-3 komplementa factions, which are not significant changes in all patients during the entire period of observation [25]. Losses skeletal muscles found in 30-60% of cases of alcohol intoxication and they are separate and essential component of alcoholic disease [2,3,4]. Through its Integrated Research (histological, chemical, gistoenzimaticheskie, morphological), found credible indications of specific muscle fibers atrophy.
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cellular immunodeficiency
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