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 direct muscular response

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PostSubject: direct muscular response   direct muscular response Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:54 pm

One manifestation of defeat skeletal muscles during alcoholic intoxication is alcohol-miopatiya pain or swelling adjacent plots muscles after zapoynoy alcohol poisoning, which has been accompanied by a pronounced and mioglobinuriey elektromiograficheski time and gistologicheskimi changes. In 80% of cases occur in men between the ages of 40 and 60 who drink alcohol from 15 to 25 years, and in some cases, it is accompanied by defeat mimic muscle [4]. Sectional observational study of patients with clinical manifestations of alcohol myo showed involvement in the pathological skeletal muscle in 22% of cases [4]. It is noted that the EMG studies in acute alcohol myo (AM) usually are few and variable. Chronic AM syndrome characterized by the development of the overall weakness and muscle atrophy, which is increasing gradually over many weeks or months, it affects primarily lower extremity muscles, tazovogo, then shoulders, occasionally facial muscles. By EMG-izmeneniyam in skeletal muscles in chronic AM is haphazard location fast mono-and two-phase small fields or "failure" of mono-, di - or polifaznyh capabilities. Length of "failure" and polycyclic capacity-more than 7 microns. When stimulyatsionnoy Electro (SEMG) limb muscles with the computation of M and H and F-reflexes are 10-15 times lower than normal amplitude direct muscular response to the irritation of the nerves and a very high threshold for excitability of motor fibers, N- reflex is not [7]. When EMG-issledovaniyah limb muscles in patients suffering from alcoholism, recorded a decline in the sample amplitudes capabilities to fatigue, reflecting the severity pareza. In patients with mixed forms of propulsion and polinevrita noted the slowdown in the rate of initiation of flaccid nerves to the 30-40% reduction in background activity for "calm" and sinergiyah; Decline reflex excitability peripheral motoneurons, and the amplitudes H N / M in kambalovidnoy muscle to 40% in the gastrocnemius muscle by 15%. Patients who are sensitive form polinevrita registered against a backdrop of increasing spontaneous activity peripheral motoneurons (especially when expressed bolevom syndrome), a slight decrease in reflex excitability peripheral motoneurons
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direct muscular response
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