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 signs of ischemic

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PostSubject: signs of ischemic   signs of ischemic Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:57 pm

A classic example is the case of hypertension, called "two-kidney one clip", where the role ishemizirovannoy kidneys can play any authority to the local defect vascular bed, and the role of "normal" kidney-the body. Hyperten pregnant (GB) is a type of a universal compensatory reaction vazospazma manifested in the special circumstances of the pregnancy. As already noted in pregnancy decreases OPSS and growing vascular bed that is the phenomenon of "victimize" blood flow to the affected organ, and reduces blood flow provokes reactions vazospazma supporting adequate organny bloodstream. Under normal parameters of central hemodynamics no signs of ischemic organ and pregnancy ends favorably. Outside pregnancy reduces blood flow to the affected organ is not so significant as to raise the overall vazospazm. However, in mature years, the reason is a high probability of the development of HAG as demonstrated statistically for women with GB. In our view, HAG needs to be seen as kompensatornuyu reaction to the maintenance of an adequate blood supply in the zone with redutsirovannym sosudistym course. In a normal BCC and release me organny bloodstream is not broken, and the pregnancy ended favorably. In some cases with the express violation of blood flow in the affected organ (for example, a large object glomerulyarnogo apparatus), while reducing OPSS attributable to the increase in the vascular bed, which is characteristic of pregnancy, especially for the late timing, there may be signs of ischemic organ : increasing hypertension or increase / proteinurii appearance, ie clinic PE. It is likely the combination of a pregnant reference gipovolemii and ekstragenitalnogo disease caused by the blood flow reduktsiey organnogo : PE in the "mask". This situation exists in pervoberemennyh with overt or covert extragenital pathology. The combination of regional blood flow disorders as a result of infection and gipovolemii related to the lack of activity RAAS, with a high probability of resulting in an early and severe hypertension, coupled with acute violations organnogo blood flow : high proteinurii, grounds defeat of the brain and liver, ie, the development of clinical presentation severe PE.
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signs of ischemic
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