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 expansion of drinking regime

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expansion of drinking regime Empty
PostSubject: expansion of drinking regime   expansion of drinking regime Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:57 pm

Based on the foregoing, the general conclusions can be drawn : 1. Gestoz is genetically caused disease pregnant raised by the inadequate adaptation hemodynamics mother to the special circumstances of the pregnancy. 2. Pregnancy is not a disease, the second half of pregnancy, when more often it manifests itself, but there also is the beginning of pregnancy. 3. Gestoz is broader, occurs more frequently and has a greater influence on the outcomes of pregnancy than the clinical picture PE, which is the final stage of the development or demonstration of heavy ekstragenitalnogo disease. 4. Clinical presentation PE syndrome is caused by the organ disease, developing as a result of either expressed gipovolemii that is the foundation gestosis or ekstragenitalnogo disease manifested or changing over to a heavier under special circumstances gemodinamicheskih pregnancy. 5. Clinical manifestations of the syndrome PE different extreme diversity, which is linked to genetic polymorphism main reason for the frequent occurrence and extragenital pathology. Lechebno-profilaktiche OBESSU Activities should focus on : 1. The venous return, helped by the situation on the left side venotoniki, muscle activity. It is known that moderate physical activity during pregnancy significantly increases the growth rate and mass of the foetus and placenta (11). 2. Maintain adequate vnutrisosudistogo volume. This is facilitated by the expansion of drinking regime, adequate consumption of common salt. It is known that salt load increases expression angiotenzina receptors in the kidneys, and more in individuals with the lack of a gene angiotenzinogena (29). 3. Timely and careful, predominantly conservative, Ireland. In addition, it should be noted : 1. Infusion therapy is aimed at increasing the volume of blood plasma, not imeeet crucial in the treatment and prevention of gestosis its heavy currents as : 2. must begin with the onset of gipovolemii and be consistent that it is almost impossible; 3. need to enter a product of long-term (days) before sosudistom vein, but this product does not exist; 4. rather pointless and harmful to pregnant women with normal volumetric rates TSGD (HAG, hypertension in pregnancy); 5. if it comes in the wake of hypertension, does not solve the problem of arterial gipovolemii, but leads to congestion venous bed, increasing swells risk oedema of the lungs and brain
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expansion of drinking regime
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