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 sensitive method

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PostSubject: sensitive method   Wed May 02, 2007 6:29 pm

The typical history is not there. Neurological manifestations expressed moderately (restriction razgibaniya torso in 80% of cases, positive symptom Lasega temperate limit rises straight legs angle of 80 to 74%), and sensitive method violations exist in 85% of patients muscle weakness from 5%. The "rich" neurological picture diagnosed in patients who undergo surgery in the spine. Diagnosis is based upon the clinical data and neyrovizualizatsii (CT and / or MRI). To confirm the diagnosis can be useful lektrofiziologichesk e Methods - Somatosensory Evoked Potentials (SSVP), EMG. In terms of patient care to avoid provoking situations regularly alter the position of the body. In the case of express pain resorted to epiduralnoy blockade with the introduction of steroid drugs, local anestetika. It is rarely performed surgical decompression lateral canal leading to an improvement in 68% of cases [8]. Neyrogennaya limp Neyrogennaya limp, as a pain in the lumbar level, often seen in men aged 40-45 years of performing physical work. The pain occurs in one or both legs while walking, located above or below the knee or spreading to the entire limb. Sometimes the feeling of heaviness in the legs, fatigue.

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sensitive method
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