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 swelling of the brain

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swelling of the brain Empty
PostSubject: swelling of the brain   swelling of the brain Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 9:07 pm

The duration of clinical effect is usually at least 6-8 days. To save enough pregnancy 2 sessions plasmapherisis discrete intervals 1 week. When pereklampsii be integrated infuzionno-transfuzi th Therapy for 6-12 h; if there is no effect (uncontrolled hypertension, lowering the rate diureza, fomenting proteinurii) shows the woman, no matter what age gestatsii and perceived viability of the foetus. Abdominal delivery endotrahealnym spend under anaesthesia. Intraoperatsionnaya krovopoterya recovered 6% solution of BSE and frozen plasma ratio of 1:1; Correction globulyarnogo volume is reduced hemoglobin less than 80 g / L and haemoglobin levels below 25%. After extraction of fruit and remove posleda to prevent bleeding to a so-called complex Sher : intravenous bolyusnoe introduction 20000 ED kontrikala followed by the introduction of 5 IU oxytocin. The effect stems from the fact that protease inhibitors (kontrikal) bind soluble complexes fibrin-monomera and thus lead to malnutrition oksitoticheskih receptors in the uterus, increasing the sensitivity to Oxytocics uterotonicheskim means. The aftercare period continues infuzionno-transfuzi Major therapy, which should be aimed at removing gemokoagulyatsionnyh, metabolic irregularities and gipovolemii. Translation rodilnitsy the autonomous breathing is possible no earlier than 2 h at stabilize systolic AD more than 140-150 mm Hg, normalization DVDs CHSS and restore momentum diureza (more than 35 ml / h) against a backdrop of reduced consciousness. In the case of childbirth through natural ancestral ways of infuzionno-transfuzi th Therapy should be kept to a minimum (not more than 500 ml) in the first period, childbirth, as in the act of birth place of fluid in the body and is replaced by a temporary gipovolemiya (false) normovolemiey. In this situation, a large amount of fluid can cause the development of oedema lungs and brain. The early and thorough anesthesia delivery, the method of choice is periduralnaya anaesthesia. In the postpartum period infuzionno-transfuzi Major Therapy conducted in full and lasts at least 3-5 days, depending on the symptoms regress pathological process under the supervision of clinical data. Eclampsia during pregnancy and childbirth always an absolute indication for emergency operational rodorazresheniyu. Eclampsia is always accompanied by the development of either severe encephalopathy or coma of varying degrees of severity (on the scale of Glasgow more than 15 points). Treatment eclampsia a gynecologist and anesteziologom-reani atologom together. The basic principles of treatment of eclampsia are deep sedatatsiya controlled gipotenzivnaya therapy claims violations of the external device control swelling of the brain. To suppress sudorozhnoy activity and shut down consciousness widely used sedation benzodiazepinovogo stimulants (seduksen, relanium, etc., the maximum daily dose), barbiturates (tiopental-natry, geksenal 750-1000 mg / d) may conduct neyroleptanalgezii. Drugs g -oksimaslyannoy acid in this case protivopokazany because of the ability to cause hypertension hypertension and psychomotor agitation. It must be remembered that if there is a violation of renal excretion of these drugs can cumulative. In hypertensive therapy is not necessary for rapid achievement of normal levels AD. When hypertension above 160 mm Hg and the ineffectiveness magnezialnoy intravenous therapy or a calcium antagonist shows ganglioblokatory short-acting nitrates or derivatives for the relative managed hypotension.
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swelling of the brain
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