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 women with gestosis

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PostSubject: women with gestosis   women with gestosis Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 6:52 am

Kompensatorny generalizovanny channel patients, a violation of all kinds of exchanges, primarily salt worsens the plight of the patient. Based on the available data can be grouped most typical of pre-eclampsia kliniko-laboratornye signs. 1. Gipovolemiya (decline in plasma compared with the increase due to this week gestatsii more than 30%). a) Paired with gipovolemiey changes hemodynamics (OPSS increase, the average blood pressure, momentary volume heartbeat, pressure jamming in the pulmonary artery, reducing central venous pressure). b) Violations of microcirculation and reologii (increase hemoglobin concentrations, gematokrita; reduce the number of platelets, aggregation of platelets and increased erythrocyte; changes in the size and characteristics of standard elements of blood; increased permeability of vascular wall; RCD lowering blood plasma; gipoalbuminemiya, disproteinemiya; chronic syndrome - DVS). 2. Violation of the kidney (oliguriya, proteinuriya, an increase in plasma uric acid, creatinine, urea nitrogen; Ground osmoticheski free water). 3. Violation of liver function (increased ACT, LDG, alkaline phosphatase, reduced albumin). 4. Giperplatsentoz (shock Rokthaego) and wasting fruit Eclampsia now rarely eclampsia develops in pregnant women with gestosis in hospital since the introduction of intensive therapy has been effectively prevent development sudorozhnoy stage. However, patients can receive obstetric hospital with a clinical picture eclampsia, which in this case is fairly frequent cause of maternal mortality. During eklampsicheskogo attack occurs causes respiratory muscles, causing patients, a loss of breath, zapadeniyu language, obstructive airways, thus resulting in hypoxia and giperkapniya. Last enhances the secretion of glands, which starts increased office gastric, intestinal juice, saliva and Bronchus secret.
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women with gestosis
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