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 reduce human food consumption

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PostSubject: reduce human food consumption   reduce human food consumption Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:08 pm

The country must have strong prevent childhood obesity, recalled last week Medical Academy and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Otherwise, scientists warn, in the year 2024 every fourth baby will be too thick. After a decade of painstaking efforts to scientists from the Anglo-French team led by Professor Philip Frogelya were able to show that a gene mutation, which today is named GAD 2, increases predisposition to obesity (over 100 kg, with an increase 1,65 m), disease, which has now 1% of the French and 5% of Americans. Already in 1998, the same group led to the discovery of this gene (then known Ob1) in the 10th chromosome. At that time, Professor Philippe Frogel optimistically thought that one to one and a half years of his colleagues will be able to pinpoint the gene. "But we underestimated the difficulties of the company, acknowledged today that a senior specialist in charge of the scientific communities on both sides of the Channel. - Obviously, the human genetics-thing much more difficult than it seemed before. " Kyong GAD 2, located in the 10th chromosome, accelerates through education enzymes in the body neyromediatora - gamma-aminobutiriches nd acid (GABA). Last stimulates appetite by influencing the dystonia in the brain. In this process interferes and hormone gastrin, reduce human food consumption. "GABA is central to the complex intestinal and the neural system, which provides optimum weight, maintaining a balance between exposure to Esau (and hence the higher weight), and substances that cause the opposite effect," scientists explained. The mutation that violate this balance can cause excess of normal weight. Scientists have found that GAD 2 has two types of mutations, one of which prevented, and the other promotes obesity. They showed that the gene is 6 times more for a "very complete" people. This is a positive impact neyromediatora GABA on Wikipedia, forcing rights consume more food. "These people find it very difficult to regulate the number of intakes.
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reduce human food consumption
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