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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

Weight Loss
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PostSubject: reduce weight   reduce weight Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:19 pm

Thus, at the present stage in the development of medicine BAD should become the main method of correction diet to disease prevention and control, improve the efficiency of traditional pharmacotherapy, improve the quality and longevity. For most of the time, obesity was considered the result of our passion for food, but not the disease. When the issue was studied, it was found that the "harmful habit" entails a bouquet attendant ills. And because tolstyakov the world is becoming more WHO cited in the ensuing century a century of obesity. Overweight always causes an increase in blood pressure (hypertension occurs for about 10% of thin people, and almost all tolstyakov), the development of heart and lung failure and coronary heart disease. It can cause malignant tumors and zhelchnokamennoy disease. Because people are four times more than their black counterparts, the risk of dying from a heart attack : 65% of them on the walls of arteries postponed fats and cholesterol. In addition, men tolstyaki result of the reduction in the number of male hormones are reduced sexual desire, up to impotence. Because of the large number of these patients did not pass the bones and joints (especially polyester and knee), over time people become disabled, unable to move independently. Scientists say the "family factor" : the fat parents often thick children. If another 10-15 years ago, complete teenagers barely met, they are now 10%. According to statistics, half of the world's population is trying to reduce weight. In many countries, citizens massive obesity was a social problem : These patients require special clothing, they could not go to the normal transport, use regular furniture. This public misfortune annual cost Americans 70 billion dollars, the British-in 13 billion pounds. Stroke occurs either as a result of the dissolution of cerebrovascular (brain haemorrhage, haemorrhagic stroke) or obstruction (heart disease, ischemic stroke).
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reduce weight
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