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 spinal nerves

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PostSubject: spinal nerves   spinal nerves Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:28 pm

The dynamics of this symptom in the course of the day can help to identify and extruded carbon intervertebral disc or its protruzii. In the first case, the test results are not change. When protruzii drive they depend on the situation prior to the body. After 2 h of the lie, The amount of fluid in the disk increases and the angle rises straight leg drops to 30-50 . In standing in 1-2 h fluid becomes less and the angle is 50-70 degrees. 4. Bending and knee in the lumbar spine division is limited by the strong irritation brain casing. clinical signs can be a challenge for odevanii socks and shoes. Lateral flexion remained at normal capacity. Other signs are complementary, not patognomonichnymi. Sensitive, propulsion, reflex violations, muscle strain, it is difficult to determine whether the counterfoil involved and what [8]. Narrow pozvonochny channel syndrome, where abuse occurs roots of spinal nerves due to degenerative changes in the bone structure and soft tissues koreshkovyh channels clinically different from acute protruzii intervertebral disc. Most affected are counterfoil LV, because of the high manifestation of degenerative changes and the greater length lateral channels in the LV- SI. Abuse can occur in the central canal; it is more likely, if he has a small diameter and shape of the package, coupled with the degeneration of intervertebral discs, joints, bundles. The pain may be due not only to degenerative changes, but also by the excessive veins (oedema, or fibrosis), epidural fibrosis (as a result of an injury, surgery, followed by the emergence of bruises, infection process, reaction to the body surface). The absolute size koreshkovyh channels could not indicate whether or not there is any compression : it is important to value ratio spinal nerve or counterfoil.
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spinal nerves
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