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 pathological changes

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PostSubject: pathological changes   pathological changes Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:34 pm

In geneze one of the major symptoms of central PS-worsening symptoms while driving - is important caused by walking segmentarnaya rotation, leading to further reduce stenozirovannogo channel increased venous krovenapolneniya. Part of the blood enters the venous system to arterio-venoznym shuntam (in the affected states counterfoils a stronger development arterio-venoznyh anastomosis, than in intact) [30, 53, 54]. Pilot studies have shown that patients with PS pressure epiduralnom space than normal performance, especially in the standing and walking [99, 100]. pathological changes include thickening arahnoidalnoy envelope aksonalnuyu degeneration and demielinizatsiyu nerve fibers, narrowing and reducing the number intraduralnyh vessels [88]. More known symptom of a central PC. Tsinicheskie manifestations are usually between the ages of 50-60 years. of the patients are male [40, 110, 117]. The most typical neyrogennaya (or kaudogennaya) peremezhayuschayasya limp. The term is used to describe the pain, numbness and weakness in his legs, emerging only in walking. Pain usually bilateral, not localized, often dizestezy nature. Pain appear either in the lower back, spreading, as we continue to walk down the legs, or vice versa, is the first in presentations, rising upwards. For short-leg kaudogennoy patient usually requires not only stop walking, but simultaneously adopt specific inmates with light sgibaniem feet in the hip and knee joints and the body tilting forward.
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pathological changes
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