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 neurological symptoms

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PostSubject: neurological symptoms   neurological symptoms Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:35 pm

Many patients find it difficult, if necessary, stand erect (ortostatichesky or posturalny options "peremezhayuscheysya lame horse tail") [7, 36, 40]. It should be noted, that rarely kaudogennaya klaudikatsiya can be no expression of FP and compression horse tail hernia mezhpozvonkovogo disk [75]. Pain in the lumbar area can be completely absent. Part of the PS as a violation of the pelvic organs. Generally, this is a different degree of violation of urination, much less describe. tazovye when violations were the only manifestation of the disease [57]. The course of the disease in about 80% of cases, slow the progression [40, 97, 116, 117]. graduated diagnosed central PS should be held primarily with peremezhayuscheysya hromotoy resulting in a defeat for the main leg arteries, Sharko described in the 1858 Vascular klaudikatsiya is typical pain ikrah (extremely rare in the thighs and buttocks), a decline of peripheral device, the lack of neurological symptoms, trophic violations. It should be borne in mind the possible combination of two types klaudikatsii. To differentiate vertebrogene and ishemicheskogo klaudikatsii origin may also be used cycle sample [85]. Because state and Flexner decreases the severity of small protruzy drive stenoziruyuschego effect swollen yellow bundles Boss pedals a bicycle in that position when kaudogennoy limp to a significantly lesser degree provokes pain. stenoses trunk receptacles legs verified using data UZDG. In the early stages of exploring PS for differential diagnosis recommended holding aortografiyu and mielografiyu. Today aortografiya in this situation is not mentioned, because clinical symptoms and MRI reliably ensure the accuracy of diagnosis of TS. Occasionally kaudogennuyu hromotu can mimic venous klaudikatsiya, klaudikatsiya in miksedeme, arterio-venoznaya deep fistula, infected joints feet
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neurological symptoms
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