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 meals eaten

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PostSubject: meals eaten   meals eaten Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:41 pm

The coefficient can be used in large-scale studies to identify groups of individuals with a high risk of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. Identification insulinorezistentnos Tea strongly recommended for people suffering from obesity. Previously, it was thought that the absence of a daily soup is a show distress in the family. Today, with all the disputes about nutrition, right, wrong, division, vegetarianskom in utility soups, it seems, no one can doubt. We all know that the child must have every day is soup. Why? To be healthy .... Even in a dream to see that you eat soup, it is useful : means health improves. Only when it comes to adults, not all say that each day eat soup. Meanwhile, it should be. Soups kaloriyny less than potatoes with the meat, but they can naestsya. In America conducted a study in which people were given the same food, but prepared in different ways : as a soup and as snacks. People who have had soup, eventually went for 27% less calories than those that ate snacks. Scientists explained that the soup quickly creates a sensation filled stomach, while the number of meals eaten, it can be compared to lunch. So soups can be the most appropriate menu for those who want to lose weight. This is the vegetarian supah or those that are prepared on the basis of lean less calories and feeling sytosti. In addition, the soups are necessary if you have problems with stomach (low sekretornaya function of the stomach, lower acidity). Vegetable soups on the ability to stimulate digestion times higher than doubled hydrochloric acid ordered treatment and prevention efforts. Vegetarian vegetable soup with sour stomach cancer led to produce more active pepsin-an enzyme that enzyme protein. With low acidity gastric juice, soup help, stimulating glands, which vystilayut gastric mucous membrane and increased allocation of gastric juice.
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meals eaten
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