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 cardiovascular disease

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PostSubject: cardiovascular disease   cardiovascular disease Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:44 pm

The exchange of energy through physical activity may be the key tool in reducing the risk of heart disease and add to health, longevity and quality. Researchers used data public research 1971-175 years in the field of science. In doing so, experts compared the rates of physical activity, body mass index and calorie intake, as well as the number of fatalities in the test group until 1992. Patients divided into groups depending on their calorie intake, physical activity and body mass index. Researchers described "sotsialno-ekonomiche p. Portrait of "people - odd weight and obesity, consuming fewer calories and less physical exercise : seniors, the black, lower-income family, without higher education, higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels than those eating tips and more. Over the 17 years 1531 patient died of heart disease. It turned out that those who train and ate more were considerably, and the death rate from heart disease among them was almost twice as high as those who train and eat less, but were overweight. Patients with more than weight or obese, consumers fewer calories, with the lowest physical activity, had a significantly increased risk of dying from heart disease, as opposed to those who consumed a lot of calories, a lot of champion, and had a normal weight. The difference in mortality was 55%. It is not necessary that those who eat less sure hudee. And there is more-not the same thing as obesity. The risk of death from heart disease among patients with little trenirovavshihsya odd weight did not change, even if they have to start smaller. All of this suggests that heart disease is not dependent on a single factor, but on a combination of behavioral, socioeconomic, genetic and clinical characteristics. Good grain and practical achievement of this study : physical activity rather than restricting calories is the best tactic behaviour and the way to extend healthy life. At the end of XX - XXI century, the beginning of mankind until confronted with the problem of increasing numbers of patients suffering from overweight and obesity. According to statistics, now more than 50% of the population of Russia is excess body weight, and doctors predicted that by 2030 obesity varying degrees, will have everyone on earth. That is why the medicine attaches great importance to various methods of weight reduction. Currently, these methods can be divided into three main groups : surgical, medical and drug free. Results of the DEMAND (Developing Education on Microalbuminuria for Awareness of ReNal and Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes), presented today at the 36th annual conference of the American Society of Nephrology in San Diego (California), revealed that more than 40% of type II diabetes worldwide have increased quantities of protein in the urine (mikroalbuminuriya) an early sign of kidney damage and indicates an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Program conducted under the auspices of the International Diabetes Federation (International Diabetes Federation, IDF) and the International Society of Nephrology (International Society of Nephrology, ISN), in cooperation with companies Bristol-Myers Squibb and "Sanofi-Sintelabo". The budget committee has four world-recognized leading authority on diabetes and Nephrology : Dr. med. Julia Lewis (Vanderbilt University, Neshvill, Tennessee, USA); Dr. med. Gansa-Genrika Parvinga (Steno Diabetichesky Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark); Dr. med. Mordechai Ravida (Saklerovsky Faculty of Medicine, University of Tel Aviv, Israel) and Dr. med. Giuseppe Remutstsi (Institute for pharmacological research to the clinic Mario Negri, Bergamo, Italy). DEMAND is the first study, undertaken for the purpose of conducting a test on mikroalbuminuriyu in patients with type II diabetes worldwide. The study was attended by more than 32,000 people in 34 countries around the world.
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cardiovascular disease
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