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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

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 provide less risk

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PostSubject: provide less risk   provide less risk Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 7:35 pm

The new format glipizida GITS issued under the name retard. The difference from traditional forms glipizida is available osmoticheski active nucleus therapy, which is surrounded polupronitsaemoy water membrane. The heart is divided into two layers : an active containing medication, and the layer containing inert components, but the osmolyarnoy activity. Water from the gastrointestinal tract enters the pill, increasing the pressure osmoticheskom layer, which squeezes active drug from the central zone. This leads to the entry of drugs through the small, educated laser holes in the outer membrane pills. Thus, the flow of drugs from pills to zheludochnokishechny tract is constantly and gradually, until it is changed osmotic gradient. After receiving the drug prolonged action concentration in plasma increased gradually, reaching a peak in 6-12 h. Therapeutic concentrations in the blood is maintained for 24 hours, which makes it possible to take medication 1 per day. This is a more convenient and increases the commitment of patient care. GITS form sufficiently secure to gipoglikemicheskih reactions. This quality product is particularly useful for patients over 65 years of age the risk of gipoglikemy have above. Gliklazid (Diabeton), in addition to saharosnizhayuschego effect (more lenient than glibenklamida), has a positive impact on microcirculation, the hemostasis, some hematologic indicators, and flow properties of the blood, which is extremely important for patients SD. It is also believed that gliklazid best stimulates early phase secreting insulin, which is broken when SD2. The half-hour is 12, so most often used in 2 admission. Metabolized in the liver, kidneys most of the displays. Initial daily doses of 40-80 mg, 320 mg maximum. Recently, a new form gliklazida with modified release Diabeton MV. Almost 100% bioavailability succeeded in reducing dose gliklazida using this form to 30-120 mg per day. The duration of a 24 hour, so preparation was adopted 1 every day before breakfast, to match the profile of the normal hour pace for insulin. Such a system, as well as the gliklazida primarily for the first phase of secreting insulin provide less risk giperinsulinemii. The result of this, more flexible, is the low frequency gipoglikemy, a rise of weight and the later development of secondary resistance to the drug. Glikvidon is the only saharosnizhayuschim drug, which would probably among people with kidney disease : 95% of the dosage is displayed through zheludochnokishechny tract, and only 5% through the kidneys. Due to the fact that other saharosnizhayuschie products derived largely through the kidneys and diabetes nefropatii or companion defeat kidneys high risk of cumulative development of heavy gipoglikemy.
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provide less risk
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