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 risk of many diseases

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PostSubject: risk of many diseases   risk of many diseases Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:18 pm

The second group BAD-parafarmatsevtiki. This group is often presented drugs from plant raw materials and designed not so much to prevent, but to treat certain diseases. Unlike pharmaceutical products, which are focused action, a long range of side effects and contraindications, parafarmatsevtiki have a wide range of therapeutic effects in the incomparably greater security and better endurance. This is because, firstly, fitokomponenty and other active components BAD-parafarmatsevtiko (as, indeed, opened) have several points, which is the combined effect of a variety of biochemical and physiological processes that are closely linked and are inseparable from each other. In other words, the BAD sold through physiological mechanisms and is comprehensive and integrated. Secondly, most parafarmatsevtikov is a multi-products, active ingredients which have synergistic effects. These reasons explain the high therapeutic properties BAD, which often exceed any of the products (as if it is not trying to deny sceptics and opponents BAD). Of course, BAD is not a panacea, but their use can be extremely effective in situations where traditional therapy is not having the desired effect. The best results use BAD gives when leading etiologicheskim factor disease is micronutrient deficit, but virtually any disease BAD appointment, in addition to drug therapy not only increases efficiency, but also significantly reduce the dose of medication, as well as the risk of side effects. If we add to this the possibility of long-term maintenance of BAD on their own with minimal risk of side effects and tolerance, it is understood the crucial importance of medical supplies. The latter could not only reduce the risk of many diseases, but also to accelerate and facilitate their course, which allows people to continue their usual activities. Improvement of the quality of life gives everyone the opportunity to extend its active longevity, more effectively and efficiently engage in any activity. Mention should also be made of the cost effectiveness of preventive use of BAD. Even with the high cost of biodobavok them, ultimately, is cheaper than modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, not to mention that lost health can not be brought back for any money.
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risk of many diseases
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