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 prolonged standing, pregnancy, obesity

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prolonged standing, pregnancy, obesity Empty
PostSubject: prolonged standing, pregnancy, obesity   prolonged standing, pregnancy, obesity Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:58 pm

Elena, tell more about the disease and what treatments varicose veins expansion? Many of us have often seen the emergence of barely visible expanded wreaths or venous restraints on his legs, but do not attach importance to this. After a while VIENA making clearer while continuing to move up or down in the leg and then in the field of education appear meshotchatye - varikoznye nodes. Joined the swelling nervous, especially towards the end of the working day, a sense of fatigue, pain, muscle stiffness in muscles stretch. And when the surgeon you are diagnosed : varikoznaya disease of lower limbs. What is the disease? Sytems expansion increasingly observed in a large basin, and fewer small subcutaneous veins of lower limbs. There are primary and secondary veins. Primary expansion big subcutaneous veins may be due to congenital deficiency Length apparatus or weakness of venous walls, high venoznym constant pressure breach outflow of blood. Predispose to expand varikoznomu Overwork, prolonged standing, pregnancy, obesity. Primary varicose veins is common among hairdressers, dentists, surgeons, vendors. Secondary varicose expansion occurs when tromboze deep vein drumstick and thigh. The sharp rise in pressure mainly venoznom shaft leads to an increase in the outflow of kommunikantnym master and to the progressive development of a valve insufficiency in these receptacles. Nervous sytems illnesses sometimes occurs when tumors in the uterus and ovaries from sdavleniya venous trunks in the cavity of small pelvis. In varikozno enlarged veins is slowing blood flow, leading to a breach of capillary blood flow and increased permeability venous walls, resulting in swelling and skleroticheskie changes subcutaneous tissue, as well as the emergence of varicose knots. Over time, along with progressirovaniem varicose veins appear expansion trophic violations are localized on the inner surface of the bottom third of the lower leg : induratsiya, pigmentation, dermatitis, and then severe complications such as ulcers and Trophic bophlebitis.
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prolonged standing, pregnancy, obesity
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