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 obesity and diabetes mellitus

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obesity and diabetes mellitus Empty
PostSubject: obesity and diabetes mellitus   obesity and diabetes mellitus Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:23 pm

In countries where there is a mandatory national programme to combat arterial hypertension, along with an overall decline in the number of strokes in the population is declining and the percentage vnutrimozgovyh haemorrhage, because the main reason is their high blood pressure. By contrast, in developing countries where health services are not accessible to a large segment of the population, and society high levels of chronic stress due to poverty, unemployment and crime, there is a higher percentage of haemorrhagic stroke. Postinsultnyh had four major periods : acute (first 3-4 weeks), early recovery (first 6 months), late recovery (6 to 12 months), rezidualny (after 1 year). Infarction brain most frequent causes ishemicheskogo stroke (brain infarct) are : arteriosclerosis main arteries head (internal sleepy and vertebral arteries), arterial hypertension, heart disease. The more rare causes include koagulopatii, vaskulity and diseases of the blood (eritremiya). The leading factors such as arteriosclerosis, arterial hypertension and heart disease, the risk factors of stroke include smoking ishemicheskogo affecting antitromboticheskie properties of the vascular wall, a violation of lipid exchange, obesity, and diabetes mellitus. The mechanism of providing five major subtypes ishemicheskogo stroke : aterotrombotichesky, based on the education blood clot on the spot ateroskleroticheskoy times; Gemodinamichesky arising from the combination of two factors : the sharp decline in pressure due to a temporary deterioration of cardiac activity and stenosis (narrowing) of one of the main receptacle head; Embolichesky, where emboly from the heart or brain ateroskleroticheskoy large dish with current blood are transferred to smaller vessels and brain block them; hypertonic lakunarny heart develops against the backdrop of arterial hypertension, which is characterized by stenoziruyuschee defeated the walls of small arteries (arteriosclerosis); gemoreologicheskaya disease (zakuporka) brain vessels to improve blood coagulability and / or giperagregatsii (ability to slipaniyu) platelets. Aterotrombotichesky and gemodinamicheskie strokes often occur at night against a decline in blood pressure and reduced blood supply.
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obesity and diabetes mellitus
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