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 chronic hypertension

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PostSubject: chronic hypertension   chronic hypertension Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 7:22 am

The former renal hypertension, complicate pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum 010.3. The former kardiovaskulyarnaya and renal hypertension, complicate pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum 010.4. The former secondary hypertension, complicate pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum 010.5. The former hypertension, complicate pregnancy, delivery and postpartum, unspecified 011. The former association with hypertension proteinuriey 012. Swelling caused by pregnancy and proteinuriya without hypertension 012.0. 012.1 swelling caused by pregnancy. Because pregnancy proteinuriya 012.2. Swelling caused by pregnancy and proteinuriya 013. Because pregnancy hypertension without significant proteinurii 014. Because pregnancy hypertension with significant proteinuriey (pregnancy) 0.14.0. Preeklampsiya (Nephropathy) moderate 014.1. Heavy pre 014.3. Preeklampsiya (Nephropathy) unspecified 015. Eclampsia 015.0. Eclampsia during pregnancy 015.1. Eclampsia in childbirth 015.2. Eclampsia in the postpartum period 015.3. Eclampsia unspecified age 016. Hyperten his mother unspecified Please note that gipertenzivnym complications in this classification is the highest priority. There are different opinions about the causes gipertenzivnyh conditions in pregnancy. International Society for the Study of Hypertension in pregnancy proposes the following classification (B. Pipkin, H. S. S. Wallenberg, 1998) : 1. Hypertension pregnant (GB), 2. eclampsia (GB with proteinuriey), 3. chronic hypertension or kidney disease, 4. chronic hypertension accession pre-eclampsia 5. neklassifitsiruemaya hypertension and / or proteinuricheskie violations eclampsia. In the words of the American Society of Obstetric (1972) classification gestosis nosological unit consists of the following : 1. swelling pregnant, 2. proteinuriya, 3. Arterial Hypertension, 4. eclampsia, 5. eclampsia. Most foreign authors, the combination swells, proteinurii and hypertension, regardless of their appearance diagnose preeklampsiyu. According to WHO (1989), hypertension in pregnancy means : 1. AD systolic increase of more than 30 mm Hg. Art. or diastolic pressure greater than 15 mm Hg. Art. compared with the baseline (about AD before pregnancy or during the first trimester of pregnancy), 2. AD above 140/90 mm Hg. Art. When measuring more than 2 times for 6 h, 3. AD average above 105 mm Hg. Art. , increased diastolic AD above 90 mm Hg. Art.
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chronic hypertension
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