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 hypertension essentsialnoy

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PostSubject: hypertension essentsialnoy   hypertension essentsialnoy Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:07 pm

Choosing drug adolescent and young should take into account the characteristics of pathophysiology AG, the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases (FR GCC), the defeat organov-misheny, its attendant conditions (obesity, diabetes, human autonomic nervous regulation, the functional state of the kidneys, etc.). Criteria for the selection of pharmacological tools are effective medication, side effects, drug kardioprotektivny effect, the number of cases per day, the cost of medication. Treatment starts with the minimum dose of a drug to reduce adverse side effects. Perhaps an increase in dosage, in the future it was decided to replace the product or application of combination therapy, which depends on factors such as portability products, it gipotenzivny effect. It is desirable that the long-acting drugs to control AD within 24 hours by a single admission [5]. Currently, long-term care insurance arterial hypertension (AG) in different age groups of 7 major classes of drugs gipotenzivnyh : diuretiki, b-adrenoblokatory, calcium antagonists, inhibitors angiotenzinprevraschayu general Enzyme angiotenzina II receptor antagonists, a-adrenoblokatory drugs and the central action [3]. The adolescent patients with hypertension essentsialnoy used every drug except a-adrenoblokatorov drugs and central actions [5]. Among these funds, which are little different in appearance antigipertenzivnogo actions diuretiki take pride of first place, primarily because they are used for the treatment of AG much longer than other antigipertenzivnye drugs, namely the late 1950s.
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hypertension essentsialnoy
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