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 frequency of cerebrovascular complications

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frequency of cerebrovascular complications Empty
PostSubject: frequency of cerebrovascular complications   frequency of cerebrovascular complications Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:21 pm

Possible mechanisms for reducing the risk of stroke statins The favourable effects of statins may be a number of mechanisms. In the first place, he noted that the severity of their beneficial effects on morbidity and mortality little correlated with baseline values holesterinemii, and the degree of reduction of the level of plasma cholesterol. Other possible mechanisms of statins in this situation might be : Braking inflammatory processes in ateroskleroticheskih blyashkah and vascular wall; Stabilization ateroskleroticheskih spots; Antitrombotsitarnoe and antioxidant effect; Endoteliya improve vascular function and vascular reactivity. The emphasis on improving the reactivity researchers brain arteries under the influence of statins, which is believed to be increasing secretions of nitric oxide (NO) sosudistym endoteliem. Further research would clarify the role of each of the above mechanisms for the prevention II in patients receiving statiny. But we can already say that the disturbance of cerebral circulation nelipidnye mechanisms of statins, probably played a greater role than in the prevention of coronary complications. Statins and stroke in older At the same time, no less promising avenue of statins is the possibility they prevent the development of clinical manifestations and complications of atherosclerosis in the elderly. The urgency of this task lies in the fact that by 2020 more than 20% of the population of industrialized countries will be over the age of 65. Previous studies 4S and CARE has been shown that reducing the risk of complications serdechnososudistyh does not depend on the age of patients. Moreover, against the backdrop of the admission pravastatina CARE study among persons aged 6575 years, the risk of complications kardialnyh fell by 32%, while in patients younger than 65 years at 19%. However, on the one hand, was limited to the age of the participants in this issledovaniiya (up to 75 years) and the analysis of the impact of statins on the frequency of cerebrovascular complications, was retrospective. In 1998 began PROSPER study, which examines the impact of pravastatina 40 mg compared to placebo in 5,804 patients aged 70 to 82 years with clinical signs ateroskleroticheskogo defeat receptacles or high risk of development of a combined end point (the primary objective) deaths from ischemic heart disease, nefatalny IM and fatal plus nefatalny stroke.
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frequency of cerebrovascular complications
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