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 system of the organism

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PostSubject: system of the organism   system of the organism Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:59 pm

The official medical treatment varikoznoy disease is the operation (removal varikozno enlarged veins), or sklerozirovanie that qualitatively no different from prompt treatment. After these operations patient feels relieved to be going cosmetic defects. But time passes, and the symptoms returned. And if varikoz was on one leg, now in the process involved and the second limb. What is it all about? And it turns out that the burden remote wrists assumed the operated limb deep veins and arteries once healthy legs. We are going to operate a second limb again for a while feel relief, and later still find time to host trophic ulcers on line. Then there is nothing left to operate, and ultimately from varikoznoy illness, we received a threatening complication, which is very difficult to treat. So it is a vicious circle. What can offer "and the treatment of marriage in the fight against disease? The first is to keep the blood vessels and bring them to the normal functioning of the state. Advanced veins of lower limbs is a reflection of the internal condition of the body, because, to a greater or lesser degree, affected the entire venous system of the organism. These people tend to have headaches of stagnation, constipation, disruption of the liver and gall bladder, while that for women is chronic uterus and ovaries. The influence is not enough just to varikozno locally advanced vena cava, but on the whole, taking into account the related chronic diseases. The very nature gave man his medicinal products are medicinal herbs and medical leeches. There are many medicinal plants that have antikoagulyatsionnoy (razzhizhayuschey blood) activity that is not essential for the improvement of venous blood flow and prevent tromboobrazovaniya.
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system of the organism
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