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 circulatory system

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PostSubject: circulatory system   circulatory system Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:43 pm

After 3-6 months after losing weight-the second phase was conducted abdominoplastika. The remaining 28 patients (group II) abdominoplastika implemented without prior operations in the stomach. The 11 patients in group I and group II, 20 patients were ventralnye hernia different genesis (pupochnye, post). In connection with the patients were simultaneous plastic gryzhevogo defect using synthetic polypropylene mesh and abdominoplastika. Results. Fatal outcomes have been. Complications aftercare period were observed in 24 patients : in 6 patients in group I and 18 patients of Group II. In Group II, there were complications such as pneumonia (3 patients), El tromboemboli small branches of pulmonary artery (1 patient), postoperative wounds seroma (10 patients), skin edge necrosis (5 patients), festering wounds (3 patients). In Group I of serious complications from the respiratory and circulatory system were observed; Seroma postoperative wounds came from 4 patients with skin-edge necrosis in 2 patients, postoperative wounds nagnoeny not. In distant aftercare period in terms of 6 to 48 months traced to the 12 patients in group I and 23 patients of Group II. The 13 of the 15 patients in group I had been lost body weight during the first year : weight decreased by an average of 2.3 kg to 32 BMI 27-29. The first group 2 patients after a short-lived decline in body mass index, there had been an increase in body mass index to its previous level, due to technical errors operations and the formation of "small" heavy heart.
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circulatory system
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