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 maintenance therapy

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PostSubject: maintenance therapy   maintenance therapy Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:05 am

Each woman was measured hourly diurez. The maps were monitoring boxes to record a knee reflex and patient every 15 minutes. For the / m of these measurements were carried out before the introduction of each drug to injecting in the first two hours of application requires more frequent monitoring (every 5-10 minutes). Toxicity magnesium These recommendations were made in order to prevent possible complications in the use of magnesium sulfate. 1. Stop breathing Intubatsiya and immediate commencement of IVL, to stop the introduction of drugs. Restrict / 1 g glyukonata calcium, magnesium antidote. IVL must continue until an adequate recover spontaneous respiration. 2. Oppression breathing. Inhalation oxygen through a mask, a 1 g intravenously glyukonata calcium, magnesium sulfate to stop the introduction. Near patient to be a nurse, which should constantly monitor it. 3. No knee reflex. If breathing is OK, suspend the introduction of magnesium sulfate to restore reflex. If there is respiratory depression, proceed as in paragraph 2. If necessary, reopen a drug dose should be kept to a minimum to prevent convulsing after recovering reflex. 4. Diurez less than 100 ml for 4 hours. If there is no other evidence of drug toxicity, reduced the dose / m magnesium sulfate to 2.5 grams, or speed / Infusion of up to 0.5 g / hour. If there are other symptoms come, as described above. Once again, re-treatment, with particular attention paid to vodno-elektrolitnomu balance and krovopotere. Puts. Puts to treat easily collect in the box-type shoe. In each case should contain sufficient preparation to load dose maintenance therapy within 24 hours and for the treatment of a re-convulsant episode. In addition, the packing must be glyukonata 1 g calcium, and the tools to start treatment. The box should be a table which summarizes defining ways and means of application. In a study table was inside the box, but for clinical practice, it is best that it be in a conspicuous place. More detailed treatment on a sheet of A4 should be invested in a box with the card for recording water balance and blood pressure and delivery, as well as recommendations for the prevention and treatment of complications. Table 1. Clinical monitoring using magnesium sulfate in the next / m dose can be administered, or continue injection infuziyu only if : frequency breathing more than 16 per minute Diurez more than 25 ml / h Defined knee reflex
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maintenance therapy
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