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 need for therapy

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PostSubject: need for therapy   need for therapy Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:06 am

The contents of the surface for intramuscular injection of magnesium sulphate 500 ml of physiological solution of sodium chloride The intravenous infusions Intravenous infusions Plastyr (to consolidate kanyuli) Spirtovye balls (for the treatment of skin) Magnesium sulphate 14 g (for load dose) 5 x 5 grams (for supporting doses) 5 g (repeated convulsions) syringes and needles (To complement this dose) Glyukonat 1 g calcium (Antidot) syringes and needles (for glyukonata calcium) Maps Balance fluids and monitoring Minutes General recommendations (on the cover) Detailed recommendations Other aspects of treatment delivery Main Maintenance determine Time and speed of delivery. The 15% of pregnant women with gestosis therapy ineffective. Thus, there is a need for early delivery : in the long vyalotekuschem dysgravidism not contribute therapy, severe pre-eclampsia, a violation of life foetus (foetal hypoxia). If we are mature ancestral ways and if there is a pre rodovozbuzhdenie to do with the early amniotomiey : A amniotomiya woman is transferred to the maternity ward and the outline of reference. If ancestral ways nezrely, the gestosis slow, or vice versa bright-delivery by Caesarean section. Caesarean section show : * eclampsia, * oteke retina, diagnostiruemoy ophthalmologist, * OPN and liver failure, coma * posteklampticheskaya, developed after epilepsy. Abroad heavy Nephropathy is a testimony to the urgency of delivery, regardless of the length gestatsii because there is a possibility of children born underweight masses less than 1000, however, there have been recent reports of the need for therapy and prolonging pregnancy with effect from the treatment because the high perinatal morbidity among underweight children. Studies indicate that perinatal morbidity rate, a group of children with gestations below age 32-33 weeks. But the premature underweight children under 52% in the subsequent brain complications occur. Any time gestatsii, especially before 35 weeks of pregnant women with severe toxaemia is the best method of delivery was a Caesarean section. In the case of spontaneous deliveries useful epiduralnuyu anaesthesia. The prevention of bleeding during childbirth and the early postnatal period in therapy toxaemia should make more use of a frozen plasma. Peculiarities of childbirth through natural ancestral ways.
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need for therapy
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