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 conservative therapy

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PostSubject: conservative therapy   conservative therapy Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:36 pm

In modern literature dominates the view that there was no correlation between the degree of gravity stenozirovaniya structures spinal canal determined to visualize and gravity tsinicheskih manifestation PS [31, 34, 40, 45] but the study of horizontal profiles MRI revealed a high frequency of kaudogennoy klaudikatsii the cross-section area at the level of two or more vertebrae less than 100 mm [45]. The testimony in determining the operations primarily based on clinical manifestations PS [34, 79, 117]. conservative treatment is bed rest with the aggravation, the admission of non-steroid rotivovospalitelny preparations gentle manual therapy, epiduralnyh injecting steroids, drug intake kaltsitonina [27, 33, 80, 97]. D. Onel et al. believe that conservative therapy should be recommended only in cases with a minimum expressed neurological symptoms and elderly patients with severe somatic pathology [8, 80]. In all cases, the identification of endocrine forms of infertility should be corrected hormonal drugs progesteronovogo stimulants. Among the multitude of products submitted to the pharmaceutical market, preference will be given to Natural progesteronu that most fiziologichno and reproduces all the effects of endogenous progesterone. Progesterone irreplaceable natural processes of fertility and conservation implantirovannoy pregnancies in women. Natural progesterone Utrozhestan in mikronizirovannoy form for a vaginal and oral delivery of the most optimal situation, as it is ideally combines pharmacological properties of natural progesterone, good bioavailability and ease of application.
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conservative therapy
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