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 treatment of alcoholism

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PostSubject: treatment of alcoholism   treatment of alcoholism Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 8:55 pm

It should be noted that in patients with chronic alcoholism and the alcoholic intoxication becomes difficult diagnosis of traumatic injuries, especially those combined with craniocerebral injury, is changing the clinical picture and the results of treatment of patients with a history of alcohol becomes difficult to anesteziologicheskih and critical care activities [8, 10, 24]. Some diagnostic difficulties in brain damage (ITC) to survivors abusing alcohol, resulting from a combination of symptoms CHMT and HAI. In these circumstances, what is most informative data CT and MRI. Forecast CHMT against HAI depends upon the severity of injuries manifestation of alcoholic encephalopathy and pathology of internal organs. The active patogeneticheskoy therapy allows for the length of stay in hospital (2-4 weeks) to work to restore the majority of the patients [20]. The surgical pathology in patients with alcoholism recommended indirect electrochemical oxidation of blood (NEHO) or plasma. The first symptoms of withdrawal syndrome recommended cefuroxim 30-50 96 ml of ethanol per 500 ml 5-10% glucose solution r-ra against the backdrop of benzodiazepines and moderate oschelachivaniya blood. When delirii helpful barbiturovogo narcosis, oksigenoterapii, gemosorbtsii, plasmapherisis [23]. Based on the decline of many of the natural infection and immunity at HAI, in the treatment of alcoholism recommend the use of a number of drugs modulating action, in particular-timoptina, karbimida and levamizola. In the application of certain therapeutic products in the face of chronic alcohol intoxication can be a variety complications [22]. For example, paracetamol - blasttransformatsiya in this situation is accompanied by the formation of toxic metabolites, which can cause necrosis of the liver and acute renal failure. Very difficult for the body may be alcohol and non-steroid protivovospalitelny x drugs : acetylsalicylic acid, butadiona, indometacin, ibuprofen, mefenamovoy acid, etc. The application of certain groups of antibiotics (letamoksef, tsefoperazon, tsefamandol, levomitsetin, griseofulvin, metronidazole) and antiseptics (furazolidon, furadonin) protivodiabeticheskih drugs may be reaction akin to TAR (teturam-alkogolnaya reaction), which is dangerous possible consequences, and is seen as acute poisoning from ethanol atsetaldegidom educated.
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treatment of alcoholism
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